There are many Christians today who stand discouraged at the state of the Church and the lack of care (and hostility) for Christianity in our culture. We should commend those that love the Church and long for her purity as she awaits Her bridegroom. Even in the days of the Reformers and the Puritans there were those that saw a cultural disregard for the True Religion. The Church ebbs and flows through history and we must patiently await the day when all peoples and nations will humbly bow to Christ in His law, His gospel, and His will. Until this time, let us turn to Jonathan Edwards’ Humble Attempt for comfort and direction. Thy Kingdom Come.
IT is evident from the Scripture, that there is yet remaining a great advancement of the interest of religion and the kingdom of Christ in this world, by an abundant outpouring of the Spirit of God, far greater and more extensive than ever yet has been. It is certain, that many things, which are spoken concerning a glorious time of the church’s enlargement and prosperity in the latter days, have never yet been fulfilled. There has never yet been any propagation and prevalence of religion, in any wise, of that extent and universality which the prophecies represent. It is often foretold and signified, in a great variety of strong expressions, that there should a time come, when all nations, throughout the whole habitable world, should embrace the true religion, and be brought into the church of God. It was often promised to the patriarchs, that “in their seed all the nations, or (as it is sometimes expressed) all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” Agreeably to this, it is said of the Messiah, Psalm 72:11. “That all nations shall serve him,” and in verse 17. “Men shall be blessed in him, and all nations shall call him blessed.” And in Isaiah 2:2. It is said, that “all nations shall flow unto the mountain of the house of the Lord.” And Jeremiah 3:17. “That all nations shall be gathered unto the name of the Lord to Jerusalem, and shall walk no more after the imagination of their evil heart. “That all flesh shall come and worship before the Lord,” Isaiah 66:23. “And that all flesh should see the glory of God together,” Isaiah 40:5. “And that all flesh should come to him that hears prayer,” Psalm 65:2.

Discussion Points:
-What passages should we pray back to God for the coming of his kingdom?
-What comfort is there in this section of eschatology for the believer?
-What does “thy kingdom come” mean in your own words?