It seems that here at PRESBYTERIAN THOUGHTS, I do not get a lot of fan-mail. As far as we are concerned it appears that there are a lot of readers that do not appreciate the Paleo-Presbyterian religion and find the old paths of Christianity to be rather noxious. Christian hate-mail is the more common response; but there are those that find PRESBYTERIAN THOUGHTS to be rather edifying, encouraging and uplifting.

The reason that I share this note with you is not to pat myself on the back and say what a great site I am running here, but to encourage those readers (and myself) that there are others who benefit from the old paths as well. May the revival of the Reformed religion touch the lives of all readers, and love for Christ and His Word abound in your lives. Enjoy!

Dear Nate,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for running your blog. It has meant a lot to me as I have been down _______. I miss everyone greatly, and your blog, and its links to many others, lets me have a little taste of home.
In addition I have often found your meditations and suggested questions very helpful in redirecting me back to the Lord, and the heart of the Reformed faith. Also, the Lord is giving you the wisdom to dialogue well with others on your blog. You display discernment, patience, and appropriateness, while still being signature Nate Eshelman.

Thank you again.
Keeping you and your family in prayer.
God bless.
Love through Christ, _________

PRESBYTERIAN THOUGHTS reads and appreciates all mail that is received. If you are so moved by the Spirit, the hate-mail is welcomed too. Mail to: