August 2006

One day all people will believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. All men will one day fear Him as they ought as well as cry out to Him for mercy. All men will spend eternity in direct response to their relationship with Christ on earth. Ryle rightly calls hell, truth known too late. Does this not call out for a response from you and me, as well as put a burning desire within that we should warn sinners of this truth? But most importantly, should this not cause us to ‘gossip’ the truths of the Gospel to those around us?

Philippians 2:10-11 That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

The change that will come over the minds of unconverted men after death is one of the most fearful points in their future condition. They will see, know and understand a hundred things to which they were blind while they were alive. They will discover, like Esau, they have bartered away eternal happiness for a mere ‘mess of pottage’. There is on infidelity, skepticism or unbelief after death. Hell is truth known too late. -JC Ryle


I just purchased most of my books for this semester. (95%). My total cost was $659.70. This price is high, but it is not as outrageous as undergraduate book prices. Each book that I purchased today will be added to my pastoral library which will prove to be one of my greatest resources after ordination.

When I was doing my undergraduate studies I had a math class that I dropped within the first 2 weeks of class. When I took the $90 book back to the bookstore they informed me that they would not be using this text next year and they refused to buy it back. I left it on the counter with the attendant and left. There is no time in my life ever that I would need this book. The price that one pays for undergraduate books is out of control!

Lydia had a Human Anatomy book that she used in one of her undergraduate courses. She sold it on eBay for about $70 to recover some of the cost. We did not insure this item and it got lost. Not only did we lose the book, we had to pay that girl her $70 back. Double whammy.

I still at am ease about the cost of my books today. Building a good theological library is quite important to me. It is a catalyst for the reading of sound theological literature. $670…Wow.

My new school year at Puritan Seminary begins this week. I look forward to another year of study and of spiritual enrichment that the seminary encourages. This year will bring new challenges as I begin my Hebrew studies as well as go out to preach in the churches (Lord willing). Please pray for me as I again take up the challenge of balancing family, school, church, and work.

The subject of this virtue is the heart of the believer…. The seat of uprightness is neither to be found in the countenance, the clothing, the mouth, nor in their actions, but in their heart. Their intellect is illuminated by a wondrous light, the will embraces the spiritual matters which are revealed to them by that light, and their passions go out after those matters in order to have them in possession and to perform them in a manner pleasing to the Lord. They thus have an internal propensity, and that propensity shines forth in their countenance, clothing, words, and deeds (III: 428-429).

How often do we forget that when we come to worship (whether private, family, or public) we are entering into communion with the true and living God. Too frequently we allow our thoughts to wander to the things of this world and we refuse to train our hearts and our minds to focus and to come before Him with grace in our hearts.

How much would backslidings and faint-heartedness cease if we would be aware of our standing on Holy Ground.

When we come to a sermon, or when we take the Bible in our hands to read, God cites and summons us…His majesty is present therewith, and we are present in His sight. -John Calvin

Today, at a press conference, our great ‘Christian’ president was asked what he thought of the abortive drug ‘Plan B’ . His reply had nothing to do with the fact that this drug may cause murder, nothing to do with the law of God ‘Thou shalt not kill’, or even about the necessity to teach abstinence as a ‘moral alternative’.

Instead of these answers, our president, who claims Jesus Christ as Savior, said that he thought that ‘Plan B” should only be available by prescription. Wow!

Oh, that you were truly destitute and perplexed! Then there would be hope for your salvation, not because of your perplexity, but because there is a Surety for such perplexed ones–Jesus Christ, whose voice sounds forth, “Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Mat. 11:28). To you who are perplexed, without hope, destitute, and troubled, I proclaim that there is one Savior–a Savior unknown to the heathen. Although they know that there is a God, nevertheless they do not know that there is a Savior and Surety who is proclaimed among us. This Surety calls you, invites you, and promises to save you if you come to Him. Therefore rejoice in such a blessed reality. Look outside of yourself, go to Him, receive Him by faith, and be saved (I: 491).

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