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Our church beadle wrote a series of blogs entitled Principles of Christian Blogging. They are well worth reading and distributing. A Google document is available here.


Long time friend, college classmate, and fellow RP, Brett Schutt, has started a blog. He has not seen much action so go give him a hearty welcome to the world of theo-blogging.

We all know how discouraging blogging can become without many comments!

God’s Covenant of Grace

Brett is a very bright man and will prove to show a lot of insight into God’s dealings with man.

This week is the last week of classes for me at Puritan Seminary for the semester. Next week I have final examinations and some papers to finish up. I am closed until December 12th. (I will reopen about 8am this coming Lord’s Day for an a’Brakel post. People seem to enjoy starting their Lord’s Day with some a’Brakel.)

See you on the 12th!

I will not be posting until my laptop has been fixed. It is the only approved instrument for blog post making. Pray for her, she is a good machine.

Whatsoever we have over-loved, idolized, and leaned upon, God has from time to time broken it, and made us to see the vanity of it; so that we find the readiest course to be rid our comforts is to set our hearts inordinately or immoderately upon them.
—John Flavel
In the meantime, I will, continue the Memoirs of Thomas Boston. I will also finish a sermon that I have been working on. I will have to break out the Greek lexicons, since I rely on Bible Works 7 for my lexicons. Time to sharpen some pencils.
Closed until the semester ends on May 12th. Please go read a good book.

Reverend Charles Brown of Westminster RPCNA has started a blog. I get excited, as well as encouraged, when pastors begin to blog. I think that it is a good way to continue the discussion of theological ideas as well as pass on knowledge of Church history. I have said many times that the Puritans were innovators in using the technology of the day for the furtherance of the Kingdom of Christ. May the Lord use new technologies to again reform and revive the Church.

Well folks, it seems as though they found the still in the cellar. Just kidding! I will be back next week.

  • Please pray for me as I preach at Rose Point Reformed Presbyterian Church this coming Lord’s Day
  • Pray that the semester gets off to a good start, I have 19 credits, plus my job.
  • Pray that my Dutch Reformed Ecclesiology professor sees the superiority of the Westminster over the Three Forms of Unity.

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