We have arrived at RPTS. We will be going out into the city tonight. Dr. Scipione is staying here tonight as well.
RHB blogger, Michael Dewalt, is quite happy to be here. He is hoping to convert to Presbyterian soon… maybe after the Banner Conference.
Here is the favorite RP icon- the Blue Banner. This one is in Dr. O’Neil’s office.
Derek Naves laughs at Shawn Anderson, who is having battery trouble. Jeff checks the email.
The glorious seminary. We are going to have a good night.


Today I am leaving, with 4 other Puritan Seminary students for the Banner of Truth Conference in Grantham, PA. We will be spending the night, tonight, at RPTS in Pittsburgh and then going the remaining 3 hours in the morning.

I hope to blog the trip, but no promises.

Some of my friends made it out the “Together For the Gospel Conference”. I was unable to go, although I would to have liked to. (I do not think that conference hopping is very wise for a man with a family… one a year is good for me!) I am looking forward to hearing the lectures though.

According to my friend, and Heritage Books blogger, Michael Dewalt, RC Sproul had the most impressive lecture.

Pray that the thousands of ministers present will be refreshed to bring the Gospel back to their homes and their congregations. If you attended, let us know what lectures you liked best and how they ministered to you.

You can download all of them here.

The Conference on Biblical Theology went very well. We had around 150 people in attendance, which was 50 more than we were praying for! We also had 23 congregations represented and 10 Reformed denominations. It really shows that there is a need in the Reformed community and God is raising up his people to meet that need.

Feel free to pass on these mp3s to all who could benefit:

Biblical Evangelism’s Motivation
Biblical Evangelism’s Message
Biblical Evangelism’s Methods

This July Grand Rapids will overflow with Reformed Presbyterians. There will be RPs from the US, Canada, Japan, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Cyprus, and other international locations. If you have never been to an international conference it is truly a foretaste of heaven. Imagine over 1500 people singing Psalms acapella in four part harmony. It is great!

Here is the website to check it out… and of course to register! It only happens once every four years!

First Reformed Presbyterian Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan, welcomes you to join us for the Conference on Practical Theology, to be held at the Puritan Reformed Seminary, 2965 Leonard Street, Grand Rapids, MI on Sat, Feb. 2 from 8:45am – 3:30pm. This year’s theme will be Biblical Evangelism.

Our lecturer will be Dr. David P. Murray, professor of Old Testament and Practical Theology at Puritan Reformed Seminary. Dr. Murray comes with much practical experience in biblical evangelism. Dr. Murray also has a depth of biblical knowledge and a mastery of the original languages of Hebrew and Greek.

This conference will prove to challenge your view of evangelism and encourage you to fulfill every Christian’s duty to present Jesus Christ to a dying world!

First Reformed Presbyterian Church Conference on Practical Theology

Biblical Evangelism

8:30-9:00 Registration
9:00-9:45 Biblical Evangelism’s Motivation
9:45-10:00 Questions and Answers
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break
10:30-11:15 Biblical Evangelism’s Message
11:15-11:30 Questions and Answers
11:30-1:00 Lunch Break
1:00-1:45 Biblical Evangelism’s Methods
1:45-2:30 Final Questions and Answers
2:30-3:30 Coffee and Fellowship

Join us for this day of great Christian instruction, fellowship, and encouragement!

There will be a nominal fee to cover logistical costs.

If interested, please email Nathan Eshelman at to have a flyer mailed. Please encourage friends and family to come!

This year’s Banner of Truth Conference was very exciting for me. The theme of the conference was based upon a quote by the famous minister Robert Murray M’Cheyne. M’Cheyne was a very pious Scottish Presbyterian who was only 26 years old when he went to glory. The story goes that he was asked what his congregation needed most. He responded, “what my congregation needs most is my holiness.”

Rev. Ben Short opened the conference with preaching from Phil. 1.21, “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” It was a great way to begin a conference on the minister’s (and seminary student’s) holiness. We must live reflecting Christ in our lives. We must live at his disposal. We must pour out our lives for Christ. We must live out Christian discipleship. Of course, this is not just for ministers, but for all who name the name of Christ.

How is to die gain? Rev. Short gives a number of answers. Some included:

  • We will see Christ face to face. We will see all of the beauty of Christ’s glory, the wonder of his mercy, grace, purity.
  • We shall be like him. The great promise of God is the restoration of all things. The image of God will be restored in us and in all of creation.
  • We shall be holy and in full fellowship with our Trinitarian God.
  • We shall have full salvation and full deliverance from this life of sin.
  • We will be glorified.

There was much, much more to this sermon. I will attempt to give a number of highlights from the week as well as link a couple of other bloggers who have chronicled the event. I look forward to next year’s conference.

(BTW, If you look for me and Shawn Anderson in the photo you will find us. We were 2 of the 250 that were in attendance this year!)

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