November 2006

Here is a good quote that Dr. Beeke shared with us today during Homiletics. The context was in giving application that is relevant for a minister’s specific congregation. I think that this is to be something of what all true Christians are to experience in communion of the saints. When you look at the book of Proverbs on what it means to be a friend- it rings all the more true!

“The man that loves you the most is the man that tells you the most about yourself.”
– Robert Murray McCheyne


Today is my 29th birthday. It has been a wonderful day!

I had the opportunity to lead worship at chapel at Puritan Seminary.

This was my outline of Revelation 19.11-16:
I. The Character of the Rider
A. Faithful
B. True
C. Judges war righteously
II. The Artillery of the Rider
A. The Description of the rider
1. Eyes as a flame of fire
2. Kingly attire
3. Called the Word of God
B. The description of the rider’s army
1. Martyrs of Revelation 6
2. On white horses
3. No weapons but righteousness
III. The Purpose of the Rider
A. smite the nations
B. rule with a rod of iron
C. tread the winepress
D. proclaim himself King of King and Lord of Lords.

And what did I get for my birthday you ask?
Let me preface with ‘Thou shalt not covet’:
I received volume one, number one of the Reformed Presbyterian Covenanter from January, 1863.

I also received the new edition of the 1599 Geneva Bible in Genuine Leather.

Happy birthday to me!

The Reverend Jesse Jackson has called for Hollywood to stop using words that are
offensive to racial minorities.
Fine, good, great.
I call on Jesse Jackson to stop calling himself Reverend.
That title,
applied to his name,
is offensive to Christians.

IKEA is better than the Church

He who, in reading the Bible, has accumulated numerous promises to be readily available upon becoming subject to a trial has a great advantage (II: 619).

1. To remember that we are all subject to failings and infirmities, of one kind or another.—Matt 7:1-5; Rom 2:21-23.

2. To bear with and not magnify each other’s infirmities.—Gal 6:1.

3. To pray one for another in our social meetings, and particularly in private.—James 5:16.

4. To avoid going from house to house, for the purpose of hearing news, and interfering with other people’s business.—Lev 19:16.

5. Always to turn a deaf ear to any slanderous report, and to allow no charge to be brought against any person until well founded and proved.—Prov 25:23.

6. If a member be in fault, to tell him of it in private, before it is mentioned to others.—Matt 18:15.

7. To watch against shyness of each other, and put the best construction on any action that has the appearance of opposition or resentment.—Prov 10:12.

8. To observe the just rule of Solomon, that is, to leave off contention before it be meddled with.—Prov 17:14.

9. If a member has offended, to consider how glorious, how God-like it is to forgive, and how unlike a Christian it is to revenge.—Eph 4:2.

10. To remember that it is always a grand artifice of the Devil, to promote distance and animosity among members of Churches, and we should, therefore, watch against everything that furthers his the Devil’s end.—James 3:16.

11. To consider how much more good we can do in the world at large, and in the Church in particular when we are all united in love, than we could do when acting alone, and indulging a contrary spirit.—John 13:35.

12. Lastly, to consider the express injunction of Scripture, and the beautiful example of Christ, as to these important things.—Eph 4:32; 1 Pet 2:21; John 13:5,35.

(via Crazy Calvinist)

It is no secret that I would like to preach in the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America when I am completed with my Master’s of Divinity. I am attempting to compile a list of websites that will be of interest to anyone who would like to know more about the RPCNA. Please add to this list via the comments section if you know of any more.

Main denominational website

Wikipedia definition and articles

Position paper on worship and history

A downloadable and printable Constitution (what they believe)

A list of Congregations

Some of their Youth Ministries

Short Term Mission trips

Home Missions and Church Planting

Exciting Foreign Missions (including one in Japan and one in Cyprus)

Their denominational college

Their denominational Seminary

Their denominational publishing house

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