Presbyterian Traveler

Here is a video tour of the rare book room at RPTS. We spent a number of hours reading in the room tonight. It was a great blessing for all of us to look into our heritage.


We have arrived at RPTS. We will be going out into the city tonight. Dr. Scipione is staying here tonight as well.
RHB blogger, Michael Dewalt, is quite happy to be here. He is hoping to convert to Presbyterian soon… maybe after the Banner Conference.
Here is the favorite RP icon- the Blue Banner. This one is in Dr. O’Neil’s office.
Derek Naves laughs at Shawn Anderson, who is having battery trouble. Jeff checks the email.
The glorious seminary. We are going to have a good night.

I have had a couple of exams today. With the grace of the Lord, I have been sustained. Tomorrow I preach at 7:30 PM. Please pray for me.

My family, along with one other Presbyterian Traveler, James ‘J Dub’ Lanning, will be heading out to the Great Lakes-Gulf Coast Presbytery (RPCNA) family camp. The camp, according to the Mintues of the Young People’s Work (1947), was begun in Indianapolis, Indiana in that year.

In 1949 the name COVFAMIKOI was given to indicate that it was COVenanters from Florida, Alabama, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Illinois who were joining for mutual fellowship and encouragment. The meeting place then was Lake Wawasee, Indiana. Since then it has moved to Kentucky, which is central for the presbytery. The name does not show the seriousness of the ‘killing times‘… but it sure is fun to say! COVFAMIKOI!

If there is internet available, I will give daily updates on what is being taught and discussed.

*both LOUA as well as PT will have the same posts this week.